Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tex - Mex Chex Mix

I had previously posted many recipes of Chex Mix, you can search them under Chex Mix.
America is fascinated with Chex Mix and the hundreds of recipe combinations to create a snack for family gatherings, sporting events, church suppers and holidays.

Here's the latest original recipe from the Hippy in the Kitchen!

Tex - Mex Chex Mix:

3 C Wheat Chex
3 C Corn Chips ( Fritos)
3 C Mini Pretzel Squares
3 C Salted Peanuts with Skin on.
1 - ( 1.25oz) package of Taco Seasoning
4 TBS C Butter, melted

Combine everything in a bowl and mix well.

Peace in the Kitchen!

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