Sunday, February 10, 2013

Vegetarian / Vegan Friendly Gelatin in Fruit Flavors!

I've mentioned Agar Agar in a recipe for Vegetarians which is unflavored and can be used in equal proportions to replace Gelatin, which we all know is not Vegetarian.

My issue was trying to figure out how to flavor Agar Agar to replace fruit flavored Gelatins. I have recipes and basic directions, but in my research I have discovered KoJel Dessert Jel which completely replaces fruit flavored gelatins and comes in Strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry, Lime , Lemon, and Orange. It is Vegetarian and Vegan friendly.

I'll try this in my Cranberry Mousse Recipe that I make every year for Thanksgiving.
I'll also use it in the Cranberry Mold Recipe and other Gelatin Molds that I'll post on the blog.
Now I have an alternative ingredient to post in any recipe that requires Gelatin.

I do have information on using Agar Agar as a stabilizer for Whipped Cream and also for a Meringue stabilizer.

I'll post all of that information at a later date. It's quite lengthy.

Peace in the Kitchen!

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