Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kool - Aid Pickles !

This is the craziest thing I've ever made.

The concept and original recipe is believed to have come from the Delta region of Mississippi.
The overwhelming favorite flavor was any of the Reds which included Strawberry, Cherry, or Tropical Punch. I've heard a story that a woman created these pickles and sold them at her local country store in Mississippi. They were such a success that she ended up selling them in many outlets.

We've made the Tropical Punch. I want to try Lime or Grape.

1 - 46 ounce jar of Whole Dill Pickles.
1 C Sugar
2 C Water
2 Packets of you favorite flavor of Kool - Aid

Drain and discard the juice from the pickles, rinse the jar and the pickles .
Remove the pickles and cut each one in half lengthwise
Return them to the jar and set aside
In a large measuring cup, combine Sugar, Water and Kool - Aid
Mix until the sugar has completely dissolved
Pour the Kool - Aid into the jar to completely cover the pickles
Discard excess Kool - Aid
Cover and refrigerate at least 48 hours
Longer if you can wait....... LOL

I know this sounds crazy, but you may be surprised that you like them !

Far Out Man!

Peace in the Kitchen!

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