Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fry Sauce..... who knew?

I just discovered that there's actually a recipe for something that we use to dip our Fries!
I had no idea...... we dipped them in Ketchup, we dipped them in mayonnaise.
I first saw the use of mayonnaise in France.
I had no idea that a recipe claimed to mix the two ingredients together and then.... add some hot sauce like Tabasco. Brilliant!
So I'm sharing the recipe and history! 

1/2 cup ketchup
1/2 cup mayonnaise
Hot sauce, for spice, optional ( in Texas, I think it should be a mandatory ingredient)
Measure out the ketchup and mayonnaise into a bowl and mix together. If you want it spicy, add dashes of hot sauce to taste. Serve with fries!

Fry sauce is a regional condiment served with French fries. It is usually a simple combination of one part ketchup and two partsmayonnaise. When spices and other flavorings are added, it is similar to—but thicker and smoother than—traditional Russian dressing and Thousand Island dressing. In the United States, fry sauce is commonly found in restaurants in Utah and Idaho. Occasionally other ingredients such as barbecue sauce are substituted for ketchup, and other variations (created independently of the Utah version) exist outside of the United States.

The Utah-based Arctic Circle restaurant chain claims to have invented fry sauce around 1948.[1] However, a recipe for Thousand Island dressing dating from 1900 has mayonnaise, ketchup, and pickles as the only ingredients, albeit in a 1:1 ratio.[2] Arctic Circle serves fry sauce in its restaurants in the western United States. Many other fast-food restaurants and family restaurants in the region, such as Carl's JrCrown Burgers, Apollo Burger, Astro Burger and Hires Big H, also offer their own versions of the sauce. Some variations include chopped pickles, chopped onions, and shredded cabbage. Utah franchise locations of McDonald's also carried fry sauce until 1997. Many other national fast food restaurants in Utah and nearby states serve fry sauce.[citation needed]
In Idaho and the Pacific Northwest, fry sauce is also popular and is found at many local restaurants[3] as well as chains such as Dairy Queen and Sonic.
In the 2008 film Step Brothers, there is a scene in which the main characters referred to a home-made sauce of ketchup and mayonnaise as "fancy sauce".
In early 2010, Stephen's Gourmet began distributing a bottled, shelf-stable traditional fry sauce to grocery store and mass merchandise chains throughout the United States. It hit the shelves in Utah and the Pacific Northwest in May 2010. Prior to that, a company bottled fry sauce sold mainly in Utah called "Some Dude's Fry Sauce." Similar to Stephen's variety, it is also shelf stable and sold in grocery chains throughout Utah and parts of Idaho. The Utah-based Arctic Circle also now sells their fry sauce in bottles at most of their locations.

In Belgium, the mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup is known as cocktailsaus or sauce cocktail, often refined with the addition of some paprika powder or whisky. Mayonnaise and ketchup separately on a dish (usually fries) and topped with freshly chopped onion is known as speciaal. A mixture of ketchup, mayonnaise, finely chopped onion and sometimes spices is known as "riche", literally "rich sauce".
In France, many Turkish restaurants and other fast-food establishments serve fry sauce and call it sauce américaine; it is also common for customers to request "ketchup-mayo"—a dab of mayonnaise and a dab of ketchup—alongside their French fries at such places. Both American sauce and the more thousand-island like sauce cocktail(somewhat similar to that of Iceland) can often be found in supermarkets, and occasionally also premixed "ketchup-mayo."[5][6]
In Germany, a popular product called 'Rot Weiss', meaning 'red white' is sold in toothpaste-style tubes, and consists of ketchup and mayonnaise, while "Pommes-Soße" ("Pommes" is the commonly used word for "Fries," so this is "Fry Sauce") is a lightly spiced mayonnaise.

French Fries with Fry Sauce!

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