Friday, June 21, 2013

Copper Pennies

Rather than re- write the recipe, I'm just posting the vintage newspaper clipping.
This was a childhood favorite that my Grandmother and mother made.
I hadn't thought about these carrots in years.
A fellow food blogger was asking us to post our favorite vintage recipes and I immediately thought of Copper Pennies.
Another odd, All American Recipe!
I may have to research the history.

As I began to do research on the history of this recipe, I discovered that it's also referred to as a salad.
I found this recipe in a Mennonite recipe book from my mother in law in Kansas. I'm going to continue to see if I can find the earliest version of the recipe.

This is from my mother in law's Mennonite Recipe File

This is my wife's handwritten recipe from the 70's

I just discovered this in my mother's recipe collection.


  1. My mom made this, but i do not recall the tomato soup part! This would be great for a picnic, I think!

    1. I make them and as odd as they sound, they're delicious.