Monday, March 10, 2014


I have always written poems. I started writing poems of freedom while I was in college in the late 60's. Today I write poems about food....... about vegetables and life!

This week I sat outside at the Bakery in our town waiting to pick up an order to go for an event they were having at the Quilt Shop.
It was a beautiful, sunny, fall morning so I had a beer and decided to write a couple of poems. I finished them later in the week.
Here they are:

the world today!

it appears to me
we've lost our way.
some believe that if we pray,
we can't be lost,
we'll find our way.

when we take from the poor
and love no more,
then anger builds
and leads to war.

if sins are taught
when wars are fought,
mistakes are made,
but don't get caught.

everyday, lies are fed
and fill your head,
with things you can't believe.

from the first appearance
of light til eve,
it's nothing but
an evil war we weave.

the man speaks out
with a language to deceive,
while mothers. fathers,
sisters and brothers
are denied the right to grieve.

if you feel the need,
that you should pray
then pray for the day
that hate will cease,
and the world will
live as one in peace.


a better day:

amid the chaos in the world,
despair and hurt and pain,
it appears to me the chaos is due
to nothing but selfish gain.

I believe with all my heart and soul,
the confusion can go away.

I kneel and look to my God to pray,
and know that my God can
make a better day.


away from the city!

we leave the city lights
to get away.
we trade them for the stars.
we head to the mountains
with backpacks and guitars.

on a peaceful day
when pine boughs sway,
there's silence in the air.
wind is whistling ,
snow is glistening.
I sit on the deck and stare,

there are mountains
with clouds in the distance,
topped with snow
and trees of green.
there are deer and wildlife
passing by,
to complete the peaceful scene.

we leave the city to get away
and find a peaceful place,
where life is completely different
and we live at a different pace.

we leave the city lights
to get away.
we trade them for the stars.


I can't wait!

I can't wait until the day he goes away,
goes away and stays away.
never to see his face,
or hear from him again.

I can't wait until the day the lies will stop,
the hatred and all the lies will stop.
he lies and lies again,
each and every day.

I can't wait until something
good is done,
something constructive,
and good is done.
instead of never accomplishing
anything at all.

I can't wait until the people are
cared for again.
thought of and helped,
and cared for again.
I look forward to that very special day!

I can't wait until the fear is gone,
the fear of dying is truly gone.
the day when we have hope for the future,
and no one has to worry any more.

I can't wait until the world respects us again,
when they realize how great
we've always been.
when we have friends around the world
that really care.

I can't wait until the lies have stopped,
until he goes away.
I can't wait to wake up and realize,
that day is actually today!


A Tyrant's Greed

war is a terrible thing I said,
countless numbers of needless dead.

a futile war it seems to be,
fought for nothing that I can see.

thousands of hearts continue to bleed,
for nothing more than a tyrant's greed.



don't pay for war,
make it go away.
build a bigger table.
feed the hungry everyday.

stop polluting the oceans,
lakes and seas.
respect the earth,
can you do that? please!

make the world a better place,
no matter your religion,
social position or race.

keep us healthy,
and show us you care.
is that too much for you to bear?

don't just surround yourself,
with billionaire after billionaire.
it's not just about you,
there are others out there.


listen to the guns

a gun speaks,
it has the last word.
it solves issues,
like revenge and fear.

it only takes a finger,
to destroy something near.
some loathe them,
some hold them dear.

a gun speaks,
the language is clear.
it only speaks once,
it's the last sound you'll hear.


some people can't

there are those that
can't see the forest,
when looking at the trees.

they can't feel the wind,
when standing in a breeze.

some don't know when the truth is told.
and some can't figure out ,
silver isn't gold.

the world is a great big place,
differences in religion,
politics and race.

we may not agree,
but you can't exist
without seeing the tree.


the mistake

if a snake bites a fool twice,
it's never good or ever nice.
this one only bit us once,
to prove to all
he's such a dunce.

lies continue while
promises fail.
emptiness filled without detail.
it's time to stop the fool
bitten by the snake,
from making:
after mistake,
what a mistake!


I and me!

who needs food and roads
and clean air,
when we can have guns and bombs
and a life of despair.
who needs compassion for others
or letting our country know we care,
when we can take from some
and never share.
who needs peace and love
and a world of tolerance,
when we continue to create a world
filled with violence.
sympathy, empathy, mercy and kindness
cannot be achieved while living in blindness.
open your eyes and you will see,
there's more to the planet than just

I and me!


lies, lies, everywhere lies!

you see what others cannot see.
you fill them with your lies.
you make them think
things that aren't there,
are directly in front of their eyes.

soon they shout,
did you see?
did you hear?
did you know that's really true?
whether or not it is,
they want you to
believe that what you heard,
is honestly based on a truthful word.

and in the end,
when truth be told:
the lies aren't really true.
you soon realize,
that what you believed,
was nothing but
a trick that's been
played on you!



maybe I need to write a poem,
or maybe I really don't.
maybe I'll start to write it down,
or maybe I really won't.

maybe I need to take some time.
decide if I will, or not.
maybe I'll begin with my paper and pen,
sit down and start to jot......!
jot down my thoughts, ideas and words,
the one's that rhyme a lot.

I think I have it,
or maybe I don't.
so maybe I'll start,
and maybe I won't.


What's happening to the American Dream?

You left your homeland,
for minimum pay.
You strive for a better life,
day by day.

You miss your children.
You miss their voices.
You've sacrificed for them,
making better choices.

You only want to chase
the American Dream.
Have a roof over your head,
a small space, bursting at the seam.

You have to keep your head down.
You can't speak or misbehave.
Unfortunately you've become,
a 21st century slave.

They said the door was open,
it's what they used to say.
But now we don't want you.
We hunt you everyday.

After the dream is done,
you become a deportee.........
So much for living in the land of the free.


let me make that perfectly clear!

look over there .
don't look here.
look far away.
don't look near.
the thing you see, may not be clear,
so pay attention to that

and not what's here.
don't listen to them,
for I know best.
you're thoughts don't matter,
I'm on a quest.
what I say today is important,
only to me.
it hides the truth about what
you think you see.

look over there,
and don't look here.
the most important thing
is that I make myself clear.



you've come here from another place.
I don't know your name, just face.
we pass each other everyday,
no conversation,
nothing to say.
if we live in fear and pending danger,
and ignore each other,
you'll remain a stranger.


Ode to the Artichoke!

I gave a dinner party, and I served some artichokes!
The guests began to laugh and make rude remarks and jokes.
They said, " these things could stick us" and they threw them on the floor.
I turned around, I walked away and thought I'd just ignore!

Then, I jumped up on the table and I began to say:
"what would you expect from a vegetarian, a meat filled, appetizer tray"?
Yes, artichokes are prickly, but I promise they won't hurt.
If you pick them up and eat them, I will serve a nice dessert!

The guests looked quite embarassed and they said " we have to go",
leaving artichokes all over, on the table and below!
So, I picked them up and placed them in the fridge, upon a shelf.
And everyday, for breakfast, I enjoy one by myself!


Peace in the Kitchen!

Peas in the Kitchen!

Peas in the kitchen,
Peas in the pot!
Peas aren't for everyone, cold nor hot.
I happen to enjoy them, I guess I always did.
I just put them in some water in a pot that has a lid, 
I cook them 'till they're tender, like my grandma always did.

I serve them on a platter just as plain as they can be.
I melt a bit of butter then I turned around to see,
There are others at the table waiting patiently for me!
So, I offer them with pleasure, "help yourselves" if you please.
They turn around and say to me,
"No Thank You", we hate Peas!

terry!  (

Peace in the Kitchen! ( or Peas)!


live in peace, breathe in peace.
eat in peace, drink in peace.
talk in peace, pray in peace.
think in peace, meditate in peace.
move in peace, die in peace.
bathe and plunge in the ocean of peace.
purify your thoughts in peace.
imbibe the honey of peace.
love in peace.
cleanse yourself in the fire of peace.


A Hippy Poem:

One day while strolling
far from home.

I thought of just
the perfect poem.

It was so profound
I began to race,
to find the perfect writing place.

From my pocket
came a pen and pad.
I thought, where is that poem I had?

Too late ,  the verse
had left my head.

So, I decided to write
this one instead!


The 60's Groove:

listen to the way we move,
it's a flashback to our 60's groove.

it was about flower power,
the sun's delight.
psychedelic posters,
glowing from a black light.

haight was not the evil we create
but a corner with ashbury,
in the california state.

power was the flower
not the war and chaos,
we heard about.
"stop the war", "live in peace".
were the slogans we all would shout.

you could speak to us
in the 60's, in psychedelic rhyme.
in all of it's confusion,
it defined the time.

festivals of music,
freedom in the park,
always living in the light
trying to avoid the dark.

music moved us,
it was our voice.
we spoke of freedom,
we spoke of choice.

love was abounding,
it was the way we moved.
it was the way we dressed
and the way we grooved!

enjoy peace !

I previously posted two poems that I wrote about food ( Peas in the Kitchen and Ode to the Artichoke).  I recently saw this one by Ken Nesbitt and thought I'd add a bit of humor to the blog today. I need to write another food poem!


Mashed potatoes on the ceiling.
Green beans on the floor.
Stewed tomatoes in the corner.
Squash upon the door.

Pickled peppers in my pocket.
Spinach up my sleeves.
Mushrooms in my underpants with
leeks and lettuce leaves.

Okra, onions, artichokes,
asparagus and beets;
buried neatly underneath the
cushions of our seats.

All the rest I've hidden in my socks
and down my shirt.
I'm done with all my vegetables.
I'm ready for dessert!
--Kenn Nesbitt

Peace in the Kitchen!


Be the person you want to be,
reach up and grab that star.
Read, Learn, Teach yourself,
to be more than what you are.

Never allow others to define you or change you,
be Strong and have a Voice.
Make Changes while you can in life,
And know you have a Choice.

A Choice to Rise,
A Choice to Shine.
A Choice to be more than you are,
Become the person you want to be,
Reach up and Grab that Star!


The Tree:
(an excerpt from the poem)

"good timber
does not grow with ease:
the stronger the wind,
the stronger trees.
the further sky,
the greater length.
the more the storm,
the more the strength."

Douglas Malloch

Calm after the Storm:

darkness fades
suns rise
skies clear
storms die
wounds heal
spirits fly
hearts sigh
stories end
dreams die
tears fall
I cry
you're  gone
we survive

A.N. Flores


yesterday, I was so looking forward to tomorrow.
now that it's here, it's today.
so, tomorrow only exists in our minds, right?
Or am I having a 60's moment?



sitting by the fire
enjoying the decor.
the lights, the sounds
and fragrances of Christmas.
who could ask for anything more?


Life #2:

love each other
be kind
serve others
be joyful
tell the truth
have faith
give thanks
be patient
imagine peace!



I bought some land in Colorado,
to enjoy some summer fun.
So, we'll be leaving our home in Texas,
to escape the blazing sun.
We look forward to being lazy,
doing nothing during the day.
And then we'll sit and watch the stars,
and waste the night away.
We'll rise and shine so early,
to begin another day.
And look forward to doing nothing,
during our entire stay!


I shall pass through this world but once ,
If therefore there be any kindness I can show,
or any good thing I can do,
Let me do it now.....
for I shall not pass this way again.


The Job:

Terry's been a visual manager for 38 years or so.
He really has enjoyed his job,
but now it's time to go.
He'll have plenty of time to blog and cook,
and give his lawn a mow.
So let's wish him happy retirement,
as he swaps his car for a hoe!


now is the time to have a good breakfast,
continue to tend to our gardens,
mind our manners,
courageously embrace compassion,
nurture the heart,
and begin the next phase of the transformation of humanity!


when wednesday was here,
it felt like friday.
and thursday felt like it too.
so, friday is here and I can't believe,
I have no idea of what to do!



the temperature drops,
the sky turns grey.
I think it's going to rain today.
I open the window,
I feel the breeze,
it begins to rain,
I feel at ease.
I love the rain,
it makes me smile.
I certainly hope it stays for  awhile!


A Jazz Musician plays a thousand notes
to please 3 people.
A Rock Musician plays 3 notes
to please a thousand people!

Life #3

one raindrop raises the sea
survival of all or none
weapons are enemies, even to their owners
give more, take less
others first, self last
observe, listen and learn
do one thing at a time
sing everyday
exercise imagination
eat to live, don't live to eat
find the light


always put something mad
on top of something very good
or something very good
on top of something mad!

George Bennison

Life #4:

quit your day job
see the world
fall in love
find yourself!

Jac Vanek ( a friend of taylor mosher)


sleep escapes me,
how can that be?
it invited me early,
after a Cuppa Tea.
it promised me comfort and time alone,
no computer, no t.v., not even my phone.
I took advantage of the invitation,
turned out the light..... and tried to sleep.
adjusted the pillow, the blanket and slid under the sheet.
I tried and tried,
but to my dismay,
sleep escaped me until another day.
hopefully tomorrow, I'll get it right!
but until it arrives, I bid you good night.


A Vegetarians Thanksgiving song parody:

Because you know I'm all about the sides,
Bout the sides, no trouble.
I'm all about the sides
Bout the sides, no trouble!

Yeah, it's pretty clear,
I like the sides too.
And I can shake it bake it,
Like I'm supposed to do.

So, this Vegetarian's here,
To make it all clear.
That it's all about the sides,
Bout the sides,no trouble!


A Michigan Winter 

It's winter in Michigan,
as the wind begins to blow.
Seventy miles an hour,
at thirty five below.

Oh how I love Michigan,
when the snow's up to your butt.
You take a breath of Winter Air,
and your nose gets frozen shut.

Of course the weather there is wonderful,
So stay and hang around.
You may never ever leave Michigan,
because you'll be frozen to the ground!


Twas 4 Months Before Christmas!

Twas 4 months before Christmas,
the attic was full of stuff.
Like garlands and lights and ornaments
and trees and tiny houses and skis
and sleds and skates and it's never enough!

The greenery was hung,
from the rafters with care.
In hopes that I'd remember
how I used it last year.

It was 3 am and running through my head,
were visions of displays, as I arose from my bed.

"the moon on the breast
of the new fallen snow".....
Wait, I live in Texas,
it's 110 degrees you know!

I put on my Shorts,
Flip Flops and a Tee.
And, up toward the attic,
I started to flee.

I opened the door and I shouted and hollered,
and I began to scream!
The decorations were a mess,
Was this really a dream?

I dragged it all out of the attic,
without care.
The decorations and lights,
were strewn everywhere.

At that point I realized that help would be nice.
I woke up Anne and asked for advice!
More rapid was her response,
and like a Nightmare it came,
as she sat up in bed and started to name....

Now Pappy,
call Jason,
call Laura,
call Kate and Andy.
Ask Taylor to come,
the help would be handy!

I knew at that moment,
as I felt an ache in my head.
I should pull back the covers,
and just go back to bed!

"as dry leaves that before
the wild hurricane fly,
when they meet with an obstacle,
mount to the sky."
Who remembers that verse 
in the poem about St. Nicholas?
All I remembered was,
the decorations can wait
until The Night Before Christmas!


Christmas :

.....all the stockings are filled, except one.
have you forgotten to hang it up?
the stocking for the child born in a manger.
after all it's his birthday we're celebrating.
Don't let us ever forget that.
let us ask ourselves what he would ask for most.
and then......
let each put in his share:
loving kindness
warm hearts
and a stretched out hand of tolerance.
all the shining gifts make Peace on Earth.

happy new year!
ring out the old, ring in the new.
ring out the false, ring in the true.
ring in the happy, ring out the sad.
ring in the good and ring out the bad.


you awake in the morning,
blinded by white.
Bare trees, plows,
only snow in sight.
people shoveling,
there's so much snow.
roofs are covered,
cars driving slow.
Kids making angels and snowmen,
having a blast.
you stare out the window,
how long will it last?


the days of .......... retirement!

it's three in the morning,
what shall I do?
I'll write a poem about the days of the week.
That's what I'll do.

was yesterday monday?
or was it sunday a week ago?
tomorrow is thursday.
that much i know.

but if the next day is wednesday,
which i'm not sure it is.
then, tuesday's been lost,
like every friday is.

saturday has to be near,
my calendar says it's so.
but i'm still not sure what day it was,
a week ago!


Binding and Sleeve:

binding and sleeve,
binding and sleeve.
I'd rather cut fabric than binding and sleeve.
no glory,
no glory.
It's just my pet peeve,
I'd rather cut fabric than binding and sleeve.

just give me some fabric,
cut into pieces to sew.
A machine,
plenty of thread,
and no place to go.

I finished piecing a top,
added batting and back.
I spent months hand quilting,
not a stitch out of whack!

The top is done,
but here comes my pet peeve.
I must concentrate now,
on binding and sleeve.

binding and sleeve,
binding and sleeve.
I'd rather cut fabric than binding and sleeve.
no glory,
no glory.
It's just my pet peeve,
I'd rather cut fabric than binding and sleeve.


Pie, a poem about Pie and a Pie Box!

Make it
Bake it
Box it
Share it

Cut it
Eat it
Take the Box home,
Clean it
Store it!

The next time when I think of Pie,
I'll read this Poem and realize,
I should:

Make it
Bake it
Box it
Take it

Share it
Cut it
Eat it
Taste it!


Imagine Peace!
Love Each Other
Be Kind
Say Your Prayers
Serve Others
Be Joyful
Tell The Truth
Have Faith
Give Thanks
Be Patient
Imagine Peace!



I want to always remember that no one is going to
make my dreams come true for me.
It's my job to get up every morning,
work toward the things that are deepest in my heart,
and enjoy every step of the journey,
rather than wishing I was already where I want to end up.


Life Lessons:
Do one thing at a time.
Do it slowly and deliberately.
Do it completely.
Do less.
Put space between things.
Develop rituals.
Designate time to sitting.
Smile and Serve others.
Think about what is necessary.
Live simply.


Don't Let the Kids Play Today:

Keep your kids close by,
don't let them out to play.
Guns are now all around you.
Bullets go astray.
Guns allowed in the Coffee Shops,
allowed in a Store.
Make them go away,
we don't need them anymore.
We need Peace, not Violence.
Enough is Enough.
Stop the Gun Violence,
Make the Gun Laws Tough!
Keep your kids inside,
don't allow them to play.
Guns are killing us,
everyday, everyday! 


Food is what I talk about most.
I guess I have to as a Food Blogging host.
I like corn and squash and desserts galore.
I can always find a topic and talk about more.

I'm passionate about the things I cook.
You can check out my Blog and take a look.
Search a food category or a Spice you prefer ,
A Vegetable, a Fruit or a Casserole you can stir.

Read a recipe and print it,
and make it with care.
Return to the blog to find something to share.
Always remember if you can't make a decision,
You can always rely on the Hippy in the kitchen!

And don't forget the motto I'm pitchin',
You will find happiness when you
Peace in the Kitchen!



sing because you love to,
write, if it's your passion.
love because it's easy.
forgive others before you
forgive yourself.
seek diversity in life.
embrace everyone you meet.
smile for every reason,
not just for one.
always look forward to tomorrow,
enjoy your life.
have fun!


I wrote this song for the Dulcimer while I was on vacation at our home in Westcliffe, Colorado. June, 2016. I named our property Snowy River when I purchased it in 1990.

Snowy River Mountain

Snowy River, on my mountain,
It's the place I like to be.
Colorado calls me back there,
to peace and quiet, serenity.

Melting snow feeds ice cold rivers.
drifting down from mountain streams,
into summer's fresh green valleys,
after winter's ski bum dreams.

There's a fragrance in the air there,
pinion pines in summer's breeze.
As you hike and listen closely,
hear the leaves of aspen trees.

Snowy River whispers gently,
calls to me when I'm not there.
Draws me back to share it's night sky,
golden sunshine and mountain air.

On my mountain, Snowy River,
it's the place I long to see.
Colorado calls me back there,
to peace and quiet, serenity.



Do we learn from our mistakes?
Some are known to say.
For every mistake made,
there's a price to pay.

Some are capable of learning fast,
others repeat mistakes from the past.
We hope we learn from our mistakes,
when all is said and done!

Learning from our past,
to all does not apply.
So, some repeat the same mistakes,
it makes me wonder............ why?


.......and when I die!

i don't want flowers
i don't want tears.
don't say how much you'll miss me
for years and years and years!
don't fly from far away to come and say goodbye,
call me today, just to say hi!
if you love me so much,
what are you waiting for?
stop by to see me today,
knock on my door.
don't wait until I'm gone,
to say the things you could never say.
love me now!
love me today!


kindness and grace:

in 1968, we wanted
to stop the hate!
in 2017, we want
to stop the mean!

not much has happened
over all these years.
we've tried,
but still can't eliminate the fears.

travel the world
and you will see,
we live in the best place
you'd ever want to be.

life is good,
life is great!
we can end the fear,
and stop the hate.

love one another,
make an effort to be kind.
keep looking forward.
don't look behind.

the world can be a peaceful place,
if everyone would live with kindness and grace!



remember the things
that make you glad.
forget the things
that make you sad.

remember the friends
that stay with you.
forget the friends
that seem untrue.

remember the blessings
that abound each day.
forget the troubles
that have gone away.


the christmas elk:

i gazed out my window
at dusk on christmas eve.
i stared into the forest of pines
at an elk that wouldn't leave.

i'd never seen one in the wilderness before,
it was majestic and beautiful
standing outside my door.

the holiday lights on the cabin
cast a glow,
i could see it's reflection
on the new fallen snow.

it must have been there for a reason,
but why?
i stared at it with a curious look in my eye.
within seconds it fled as i waved goodbye.

i went inside
and looked back at the place,
where i experienced my first elk.......
face to face!


All Hallow's Eve!

on the blackest of night
there are witches that fright
on brooms about the air
they stalk you with their presence
chanting verses that will scare

They scare you when you're sleeping
They scare when you're awake
visions of witches burning
something on a stake

the images are frightening
black cauldron's bubbling brew
the fright causes you to tingle
your body aches through and through

you've seen them flying across the sky
casting shadows from a moonbeam
you sit up in your bed at midnight
from a nightmare in a dream

do they really exist? do you think they do?
just walk around on All Hallow's Eve
and when you see them in the sky
think twice about whether you believe!


baking cookies!

It's cold outside, what shall I do?
bake cookies for myself,
a dozen or two.

I create a dough,
oh my that tastes great!
bake cookies, what was I thinking?
I'm not sure I can wait.

The bowl of dough, smells so good.
I know I shouldn't,
or maybe I should!

I fill a spoon, and here I go,
spoonful by spoonful
I ate all of the dough.

My stomach aches
and I feel bad.
but if I had eaten the cookies,
would I feel glad?

I don't believe I would,
the next time I bake cookies........
I believe I'll eat the dough!


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