Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A New Venture that will Change My Life!

I realize that as a food blogger we have a tendency to write and post un healthy recipes. We all admit that they're just plain "Yummy" and appealing to everyone. Well, I realize now that they are not always appealing to everyone. If I have health issues due to poor food choices, my readers do too.
I'm on a quest to lose weight through a medically supervised program. My point of this post is not to scare people away from the blog, but rather, introduce many to a better way of eating and healthier recipes.
I'll continue to post delicious recipes and the reader has the choice of making them or not. As a vegetarian food blogger, I've already posted recipes that replace meat with vegetarian options.
I'm in the beginning stage of my new program for weight loss and I'll continue to update information as I receive it. I'll include recipes and general health tips when it comes to the food that we consume.
I realize that we all have choices and I'm beginning to make changes in mine! Many of the food choices we make are the cause of America's epidemic of over weight children and adults. If we change our eating habits, we change our lives and live healthier and longer.
More to come........

Health in the Kitchen!

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