Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Grape Seed Oil

I've been referring to Grape Seed Oil in all of my latest recipes. Here's some information on it:
I've always said that you should eat Olive Oil and cook with Vegetable Oil. I've discovered the benefits of Grape Seed Oil.

Grape seed oil benefits in cooking
It is very appreciated by many chefs for retaining the original flavor of foods and for its versatility. It is able to handle high-temperatures without smoking, burning or splattering.  As it has a smoke point (around 420 F) higher than other oils , such as olive, corn or sesame, grape seed oil can be safely used for deep frying and baking.  Not only this, but it is also delicious, with a light nutty flavor lacking the heaviness of other oils. 

The recommended daily amount for grape seed oil is 25-45 g per day, around 2-4 tablespoons per day. Grape seed oil is an excellent ingredient in salad dressings, marinades and homemade mayonnaise.

It is cholesterol free and helps lower the bad cholesterol and raise the good one. Grape seed oil is health-conscious, especially if you buy one that is free of solvents and preservatives (such as TBHQ and BHT). The cold-pressed organic oil retains most of the natural beneficial ingredients compared to the chemically pressed oils.  It is also extremely durable because it contains fatty acids and antioxidants which prevent the potentially breakdown products from excessive frying of foods to form.

Peace in the Kitchen!

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