Sunday, October 6, 2013

Harvesting Rosemary Today!

We grow a lot of Rosemary and we cook with Rosemary.
I have many recipes utilizing Fresh Rosemary and we have it available all year.
I cut branches during the summer and bundle them together with twine and hang the bunches in the garage, to dry.
When they're completely dry, I squeeze, twist and strip the needles from the branches. I compost the branches and process the dried needles in a coffee grinder that I only use for dried herbs.
I combine the crushed Rosemary with French Sea Salt and put some of it in a Clay Shaker that we bought in London. The remainder is put in my Herb Box.
I use the Rosemary infused Salt in many dishes that I cook.
I love the taste of Herb infused Sea Salt.
I also dry Basil and Oregano from our Herb Garden.
Even if you don't have the space for a large Herb Garden, you can grow Herbs indoors in Terra Cotta Pots.
I hope you take the time to grow and use your own Fresh and Dried Herbs.

I posted some pictures of the process.

Peace in the Kitchen!

Some of the branches before they're stripped

These are the needles after they're stripped

This is the Coffee Grinder that I only use for dried herbs
and the clay shaker that we bought in London

This is my Herb Box, it contains,
Herbed Sea Salt
Salt Free Seasoning
Plain Sea Salt
Herbes de Provence
Lemon Pepper
Pepper Corns ( in the well you can't see)
The lid swings around to expose the wells

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