Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I'm excited to say that I'll be on vacation starting Saturday, for nine days.
We're going to attend the Mennonite Central Conference Relief Sale in Kansas.

It's a very important event in our lives.
My mother in law was an annual volunteer.

It's a time to donate to a very worthy cause that's helps many throughout the world.
We shop, we eat, we attend the auctions, we eat, we spend time with family and friends and we eat!

All of the money raised goes directly to Mennonite Relief.
It's our way of giving back.

I head directly to a booth that sells cookbooks and family recipe books from Mennonite and Amish families. I've amassed a very impressive collection.
Many of my recipes come from these books.
I'll post new recipes from the new books that I buy at the sale next week.

I love vintage handwritten recipe books that have a connection to family.
I like the fact that all of the money raised goes to a good cause.

More to come..........


The booth with the cookbooks

Hand embroidered linens

Poppyseed Cake 

An entire section of handmade noodles

Bags and Bags of Peppernuts

More Noodles

New Year' s Cookies

The making of Russian Pancakes

Pluma Mus and Cherry Mus

The most delicious Pies

Rhubarb !  My favorite

The Quilt Auction

This is the Quilt Auction board with the bids

New Year's Cookies

Hand waxed and painted Russian Eggs

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