Sunday, April 21, 2013

Perfectly Shucked Corn on the Cob

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This is just a reminder because Corn on the Cob season is here.
After you do this, you can Re Heat it, Boil it, Barbecue it, Grill it on a Cast Iron Griddle.
I make a great Herbed or Seasoned Butter mixture to slather all over it

Perfectly Shucked Corn on the Cob:

Begin with fresh ears of corn.
2 ears microwaved together 8 minutes
individual ears, 4 minutes
Microwave the corn as directed.
Remove from the microwave and cut about 2" from the bottom of the ear ( where it was connected to the stalk)
hold the ear at the top where the silk is and shake it until the ear falls out of the husk, perfectly clean!

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