Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Popcorn Cake ! What a trippy concept.

A friend of mine named Lori gave me this recipe in 1990.
She used to make it often.
If I remember correctly, she would add some special ingredients to make it for certain holidays.
Halloween would include orange and black Reeses Pieces.
For Christmas she would make it with red and green M&M's.
I think you could substitute the Peanut Butter Chips with any other flavored chips.

It's another one of those crazy American recipes....... that everyone will love!

Lori's Popcorn Cake:

In a large stockpot combine:
16 C Popcorn ) popped)
1 lb. M&M's or Reeses Pieces
1 lb. Peanuts
1/2 lb. Peanut Butter Chips
1 Stick of Butter + additional softened for a Bundt Pan
1/4 C Vegetable Oil
12 oz. Mini Marshmallows

In a saucepan, melt on low heat, stirring slowly:
Vegetable Oil
Mini Marshmallows
Add this mixture to the stockpot until it's all coated well.

Press the mixture into a well buttered Bundt Pan ( use one with a simple design)
Cover well with plastic wrap

Refrigerate for 12 hours

Put some hot water in a sink and dip the bottom half of the pan in the water to help loosen the cake.
Pop it out onto a serving plate.

Thank you Lori for sharing this interesting recipe!

Peace in the Kitchen!

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