Monday, April 29, 2013

How to use the Blog......

I'm able to follow statistics on the blog.
I can see what people are looking at and I can see the countries that are looking at it.
The stats are available to me to see currently, daily, weekly and monthly.

I wanted to let people know some of the possibilities that are available to the reader.

If you want to see the complete list of recipes, scroll down and you can continue until you see the phrase : Older Posts. This is available if you are looking at the blog on a PC, Mac, or Laptop. You can view the entire recipe menu on the right side.

If you're using an IPhone or IPad, scroll down and look for the words:" View web version" click on that at it will bring up the entire menu of recipes on the right side.

Search the blog: ( this is on the right side of the blog)
This allows you to enter an ingredient or a full name to locate a certain recipe.

Translate: ( under Search the blog)
This allows you to search a language and translate the entire blog into your native language.

I'm writing these instructions because I can see that very few viewers have gone to the beginning of the blog to look at the original selection of recipes and stories.

I hope that this helps.

Peace in the Kitchen!

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