Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Perfect Omelette made in the Perfect Pan created by the Perfect Chef.

The Perfect Omelette is made in a 24" French Status Omelette Pan. It's the only thing I make in this pan. The Chef that taught me how to make The Perfect Omelette was Julia Child. After I learned how she made them, I never made an Omelette other than with her method.

I apologize for not taking the photograph before I cut into
the Omelette, but it was too good to wait for.

It's not really a recipe but I'll try to explain it.
You have to have the Perfect Pan to begin with. It's the steel French Status 24" Pan.

Heat the Pan on Medium High Heat.
Add 2 TBS of Butter.

2 Eggs in a glass Pyrex measuring cup, beaten.

When the Butter begins to bubble add the Eggs.
Immediately begin shaking the pan back and forth. This keeps the Eggs from sticking.

Over the years the Pan becomes non stick and the technique makes perfect sense.
Continue shaking until you see the edges get a bit golden brown in color.
Top it with your favorite ingredients beginning with Cheese.

When the Cheese begins to melt, add the other ingredients.
Continue shaking for a few seconds.
Take the pan to a plate and slide the Omelette half way onto the plate and flip the other half over the top.
Garnish with Chives, Onions, or Mushrooms and serve.

Peace in the Kitchen!

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