Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cranberry Mousse #2 and my Original Cranberry Mousse recipe from 1985

I have a Best of the Best recipe for Cranberry Mousse. I've been making it since 1985.
I've served it every Thanksgiving since then.
Every year my grandchildren ask if I've made it for Thanksgiving dinner, and I do!

This year I've added a recipe for Cranberry Mousse #2.
It's posted it at the end of the Original one.
This is for The Original Cranberry Mousse recipe.
Best of the Best!
Original Cranberry Mousse:

I've tried to double the recipe and it doesn't work. If you need more, make more!

1 C Cranberry Juice
1- (3 oz.) package of Raspberry Jello or,  (1/3 C or 6 TBS) I often buy Raspberry Gelatin in bulk.
1- Can (16oz.) Jellied Cranberry Sauce
1 C Heavy Cream, whipped (the perfect Whipped Cream: 1C Heavy Cream, 1 tsp Vanilla, 1 TBS Confectioner's Sugar) In a Stand Mixer with a whisk attachment or  in a bowl with a hand mixer.

In a saucepan:
Heat Juice to boiling
Stir in Jello until dissolved
Add Cranberry Sauce and cook until dissolved.
Transfer to a bowl and refrigerate until thickened.

Whip the Cream and fold into the Jello mixture.

Transfer to a clear serving bowl to serve.
Refrigerate covered until ready to serve

Peace in the Kitchen!

This is my latest recipe for Cranberry Mousse.

Cranberry Mousse #2:

This recipe uses Frozen, thawed Cranberries.

1 C Orange Juice
1 C Granulated Sugar
1 package of Unflavored Gelatin 
8 oz. Frozen Cranberries, thawed
16 oz. Frozen Cool Whip, thawed
The zest of 1 Orange

In a Saucepan on medium heat:
Orange Juice
Heat until Sugar is completely dissolved.
Transfer to a large bowl (the final recipe will end up in this bowl.)
Cover with Plastic Wrap .
Refrigerate 30 minutes.

In a Food Processor:
1/4 C of the Orange Syrup
Purée until smooth.
Transfer to a bowl.

Sprinkle Gelatin over the remaining Orange Syrup.
Allow to sit for a few minutes.
Stir until the Gelatin dissolves completely.
Stir to combine well.
Fold in Orange Zest.
Fold in Cool Whip.
Cover and Refrigerate at least 4 hours.

Peace in the Kitchen!

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