Sunday, October 25, 2015

Les Macarons, encore!

Macarons are incredible, beautiful, tasty, and very French. I took my second Macarons Class today and I learned that they are as difficult to make as everyone believes, but I wouldn't discourage anyone from learning how to make them. Today I learned that you can't make Macarons when the humidity is high and especially after several days of thunder storms and pouring rain. So, my take away from the class today is that we had a blast, it was fun and no matter what happens in the process, Macarons taste delicious............. Ils sont incroyable!
Anne and I spent the summer in France and we were on a mission to taste every Macaron we saw in every Patisserie and Boulangerie we passed, on the streets of Paris, Aix, Ouistreham in Normandy to the small villages in Provence. We tasted them from Pierre Marconi, Pierre Hermé, Ladurée, Eric Keyser and the list goes on.
I'm working on a post that will include recipes for a variety of cookie and filling combinations with some basic flavors and some unusual ones. Until then, enjoy some photographs of a variety of French Macarons.

Peace in the Kitchen!

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