Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Texas Blue Cheese with Pears and food around the world!

There's no recipe here, just a story and some pictures.
I have been traveling to Europe for 44 years. I learned to enjoy many different foods and beverages that I had never experienced before. I drank my first coffee and ate my first baguette in Paris, my first great cheese in France, my first beer in Germany. I've become a food snob about all of those products. In France, I learned that the stinky cheese is the best cheese, I learned that nothing compares to a baguette with fresh country butter. In Germany I learned that a big hot pretzel is best when served with mustard and a good lager beer. I learned in Switzerland that Raclette is not only a great cheese, but a great social dining experience with friends and family. In Italy and Sicily, I learned that a big greasy slice of pizza is best served from a street vendor  wrapped in a piece of parchment paper. There's nothing that compares to an English Breakfast and Belgium has the best Chocolate! My wife and I are still planning trips to Europe and look forward to discovering new foods and beverages!
I've also learned that the world is getting smaller and we have the opportunity to experience all of the items above, in the States.
A great example is the Texas Blue Cheese that we recently purchased. We served it with slices of Pear and it was equal to any Blue or Roquefort Cheese that we have eaten in France. I was surprised and pleased at the same time.
Expand your taste level, experience new foods and beverages. If you never travel out of your small community, you can experience the world at your back door.

Texas Blue Cheese and Pears

English Breakfast at Borough Market in London

French Macarons


Blue Cheese in London

French Cornichons

The experience of Raclette

A plate of Raclette with potatoes, bread and cornichons

Our favorite Cheese Shop in Paris

The World of Food!

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