Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy New Year / 2014

I hope everyone has a great year in 2014. We plan on returning to Europe and Colorado so I'll have new stories, new photographs of food and new recipes to write about. I know there will be a lot of parties and celebrations to bring in the New Year. I'm not very big on New Year's celebrations. We stay home and it's pretty calm around our house. I may post some appetizer recipes that would be great at a party. I've been pretty laid back recently about posting recipes. I think Thanksgiving is a time for sharing recipes and of course Christmas is a great time to bake so I was very busy posting new recipes.
Now, it's pretty slow and I need to come up with a new subject or topic to blog about and new recipes to post.
I'm busy researching and reading so I can get back to blogging. I received a book for Christmas , Provence 1970. It's about the food scene in Provence in 1970, inspired by some of the best French and American Chefs of that time. I have such a passion for France and I am a fan of all of the Chefs during that period. There was Julia Child, author of Mastering the Art of French Cooking, James Beard, M.F.K. Fisher, Simone Beck, and Richard Olney, author of The French Menu Cookbook. They all hung around The South of France. "They cooked and ate and talked late into the night about the future of food in America, the meaning of taste and the limits of snobbery." They had not all met prior to this venture in Provence. They had their differences and they had their similarities in their beliefs and in their cooking methods.
I was living in Geneva, Switzerland at that time and I wish I had been involved in the food scene. I may have made an effort to learn more about what was happening there. I was certainly influenced by many of the new foods that I experienced while I was living in Europe. I wrote about the food and beverages that I experienced in a blog I wrote last week.
In conclusion, I hope to write more about the book and I will continue researching recipes from the archives of my Aunt Faye, the woman that inspired me to start blogging about food.
Until then, keep reading and enjoying the recipes I have previously posted and enjoy reading some of my stories on the blog.
And as always.......

Peace in the Kitchen!

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