Saturday, January 5, 2013

The One Armed Bandit!

I posted a recipe from Taylor's grandmother ( Dan Dan). There's a Tall Texas Tale about how she became to be known as Dan Dan.

Taylor's grandfather was Marsh Farmer, alias, The One Armed Bandit.
Of course there are many Tall Texas Tales about his name too.

Marsh and Dan Dan at one time , lived in a far west Texas town.
They farmed Alfalfa and Milo.
Marsh also had a sideline of Barbecue Sauces and an amazing Barbecue Seasoning.

I recently received a copy, dated 1940, of a recipe hand written by The One Armed Bandit.
We all got a kick out of the handwritten addition of the half recipe.

They eventually settled in Ft. Worth, Texas

Here are some photographs  I wanted to share.
The first one is taken from Texas Monthly Magazine - Aug 1990.
It's an Ad for his Authentic Barbecue Sauce and Seasoning.

The other one is his handwritten Corn Bread Recipe and it's dated 1940.
And then the ever so humorous 1/2 Recipe, as if we couldn't figure that out on our own!
That was part of the charm of The One Armed Bandit!

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