Thursday, January 31, 2013

Grapevine, Texas. A great American Town with great food and a great restaurant, Tolbert's Restaurant on Main Street !

We happen to love our small American town.

With so many American towns having to roll up the pavement and become ghost towns, our town is thriving.

There is so much that Grapevine has to offer and since this is a food blog, I have the right to blog about my favorite food in my favorite town.

Tolbert's Restaurant on Main Street is our go to restaurant in town.
If you ever get the chance to visit our town, you must eat at Tolbert's.

They are famous for their Texas Chili and a heck of alot of other good Texas fare on the menu, they also have an amazing variety of Beer on tap.
The atmosphere is pure Texas and the staff is darn right friendly.
And if it's entertainment you're looking for, the live music is the best.

I could write all day about the history of the family and the restaurant, or you could just go there and find out for yourself.

The proprietors, Kathleen and Paul are good people!
If they're there when you are..... stop and take time to introduce yourself and say Hi!

Thank you Kathleen for enjoying this Blog!

A Visit to Tolbert's!

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