Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cranberry Pie Without a Crust

I've posted a few other recipe for crustless pie and talked about how easy they are for people that don't feel comfortable enough to make homemade crust. My wife makes the best homemade crust so our pies always have a crust. However, I've made my crustless pies when we need a dessert and we don't have time to make a crust.

Cranberry Pie Without a Crust

Here's what you'll need:
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
1 - 9" Pie Pan brushed well with Pan Release Mix. (equal parts of Crisco, Vegetable Oil and Flour. I start with 1 C of each mixed well and refrigerated in a jar. I always have it available for all of my baking needs. It's the only release mix that I use. It's incredible in the most detailed Bundt Pans.

1 C Flour
1 C Granulated Sugar
1/4 tsp Salt
2 C Fresh Cranberries
1 C chopped Pecans
8 TBS Butter, melted
2 Eggs, beaten
1 tsp Almond Extract

In a large mixing bowl:
Whisk well.

Stir in:

Almond Extract
Mix well by hand.

Spoon into the Pie Pan.
Bake 40 minutes. A toothpick in the center should come out clean.

Serve with Whipped Cream.

Peace in the Kitchen!

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