Monday, November 18, 2013


I know that families have traditional dishes that are always served at Thanksgiving. Recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation.
Our Turkey and Dressing have been made by my wife's family for decades. Once you figure out a fool proof recipe, stick with it.
Dressings vary from Traditional Cubed Bread that's been dried for a few days, Corn Bread, Oyster, or Sausage. It's another dish that's probably served at every dinner for decades.
When it comes to side dishes, I think this is where you can experiment with new recipes and also keep the traditional ones.  We always have Corn Timbale, Mushrooms Burgundy, Scalloped Apples and Wild Rice with Orange Herb Dressing.
This year I'm adding two new recipes, Apple Slaw and Carrots with Fresh Sage and Fresh Thyme. We'll have traditional Corn and Mashed Potatoes that we always serve.
Dessert is another area where you can add and change the recipes you make. We always make Cranberry Mousse and have since 1985. The pies are usually the traditional , Apple, Pecan and Pumpkin. This year we're adding a Chocolate Pie and for the first time I'm making the Pumpkin Pie from scratch, which means I steamed a Sugar Pie Pumpkin , scraped the inside and added spices. I prepared the filling ahead of time and it's in the freezer.
If this is your first time preparing a Thanksgiving Dinner, try to incorporate some of your families traditional recipes, you know the ones Grandma made that you remember as a child. Feel free to experiment with new recipes and establish your own traditions.
I hope you check out some of my recipes on the blog and experience something new this Thanksgiving!

Always remember:

Peace in the Kitchen!

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