Sunday, May 26, 2013

Vegetarian Products that I endorse !

As a Vegetarian blogger, I thought I should post a list of the best Vegetarian alternative products that I endorse.
I know that we all have different tastes, likes and dislikes when it comes to food. I also know that it's more diverse when it comes to meat substitutes.
I've tried most of them and I admit that there are many that I do not like.
I decided to put together a list of Vegetarian Brands and Products that I use in my meatless recipes.
I hope this gives everyone a chance to try a meat free recipe using one of these products in place of meat.
I also state that in any of my meat free recipes, a non vegetarian can substitute the same measurements with a meat product.
I have made and served many meat free recipes to my non vegetarian friends and family and honestly.... they couldn't tell the difference.
I know that may sound odd to most non vegetarians, but you'd be surprised how good these recipes can be when using a meat free product. The health benefits alone are attractive.
When I first became a vegetarian, almost 20 years ago, the options were not as vast as they are now. I tried all of the available "burgers" and I soon discovered that there wasn't really a good one on the market. I'm not a fan of bean burgers and that was one of the most available burger replacements available. There were other "vegetable" based burger that were horrible.
Being vegetarian today is much easier with such a wide variety of replacement ingredients available.
The only vegetarian burger that I eat now is Morning Star's Griller's 1/4 Pounder.

Here's my list of favorites.

Field Roast Sausage:
Mexican Chipotle
Smoked Apple Sage

For all of my Soup Bases, Gravy and Sauces I use a product called Better Than Bouillon. It's available in Chicken Free, Beef Free and Vegetable.

Quorn Products:

Baked Chik'n Cutlets
Chik'n Tenders ( fully cooked)
Grounds ( for Chili and Spaghetti Sauce)
Spaghetti and Meat Balls
Cranberry and Goat Cheese Chik'n Cutlets
Gruyere Cheese Cutlets
Jalapeno & Three Cheese Stuffed Chik'n Cutlets
Garlic and Herb Chik'n Cutlets
Buffalo Bites

Yves Products:
Jumbo Hot Dogs

Deli Items:
Bologna / slices
Ham / slices
Turkey / slices
Salami / slices
Roast Beef
Smoked Chicken
Classic Brats
Zesty Italian Brats
Canadian Bacon
Breakfast Patties
Ground Round

Morning Star Products:

Bacon Strips
Breakfast Sausage Patties
Breakfast Sausage Links
Griller's 1/4 Pounder ( the only Burger that I eat)
Hickory BBQ Ribs ( I use these in my Hobo Beans recipe too)
Hot & Spicy Sausage Patties
Grillers Crumbles
Sausage Links

Lightlife and Gimme Lean Products:

Jumbo Smart Dogs
Smart Sausage / Italian and Chorizo these are fresh bulk similar to Jimmy Dean products
Gimme Lean fresh Beef and fresh Sausage ( also a bulk product like Jimmy Dean ) These are my favorites.

Tofurky Products:

Deli Slices
Roast ( I serve this at Thanksgiving, Christmas and I bake it and cube it for Chicken Salad. I also use it in my King Ranch Casserole)
Andouille Sausage
Spinach and Pesto Sausage
Chicken and Apple Sausage
Gourmet Sausages:
Beer Brats

Sophie's Kitchen / Vegan Seafood
Crab Cakes
Fish Fillets ( breaded)
Calamari (breaded)
Shrimp (breaded)
Breaded Fishless Sticks
Coconut Shrimp (breaded)
Smoked Salmon

Beef less Tips
Beef less Strips

You can see that the options are amazing.

Peace in the Kitchen!

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