Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Aunt Faye's Butterscotch Yule Log

This is truly a vintage recipe for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.

These remind me of Stuckey's Pecan Logs.
Stuckey's was a restaurant  along the highways in Michigan.
When we were kids and our family traveled through the State of Michigan ,my father always stopped at a Stuckey's and we bought their Pecan Logs.

1 6 oz. package ( 1 C ) Butterscotch Flavored Morsels
1/3 C Sweetened Condensed Milk
1/2 tsp Vanilla
1/2 C Chopped Pecans + Pecan Halves for decorating the log
1 Egg white, beaten with a fork

In a double boiler, melt Butterscotch Morsels over Hot, not boiling water.
Remove and stir in Condensed Milk and Vanilla
Add Chopped Pecans
Mix well

Chill until firm enough to handle

Form into a 12 " log on waxed paper
Roll tightly in the waxed paper to shape evenly into the log
Unroll and mark the surface lengthwise with the tines of a fork to resemble the bark of a branch.

Brush the log with the Egg White

Press Pecan Halves all over the surface of the roll, cover completely.
Wrap in a new piece of waxed paper and refrigerate until completely chilled
Unwrap and slice in 1/2 " slices with a sharp knife.
Makes about 2 dozen slices.

Peace in the Kitchen!

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