Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tembleque , Puerto Rican Coconut Flan

Our daughter has invited a friend of hers to our house for Thanksgiving Dinner for the past couple of years. Her friend is originally from Puerto Rico and she brings this Coconut Flan for our Thanksgiving Dinner. I asked if she would share the recipe.

Thank you Kathleen for sharing your family recipe with our family.
We love your Tembleque........ here is the recipe!

4 C Coco Lopez Coconut Milk
1/2 C Cornstarch
2/3 C Sugar
1/2 tsp Salt

In a saucepan:
Dissolve Cornstarch
in 1/4 C Coconut Milk.
Once dissolved, add the remainder of the milk , sugar and salt.
Whisk together.
Cook over medium heat , stirring constantly as it begins to thicken.
Lower the heat until it boils and thickens.
Pour immediately into molds , pans or cups. ( I think she uses a tin pie pan)
Cool, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.
Release from the mold using a knife and turn onto a platter.
Sprinkle with Cinnamon.

Peace in the Kitchen!

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