Saturday, November 22, 2014

Stuffed Plums

I wanted to share one of our favorite restaurants in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area.  The concept of the Potager Cafe is amazing. You're asked to only take what you can eat and only pay what you believe the meal is worth. Believe me, the cuisine is amazing as you watch the chef at work, preparing gourmet quality recipes, right in front of you. The atmosphere is casual and reminiscent of a  Hippy Cafe in the late 60's.
The Cafe is a reminder of commune cooking, circa 1973 and so is Potager's Other Stuff across the street from the cafe. The atmosphere of both locations reminds me of my hippy days in Steamboat Springs, Colorado in the early 70's.
Cynthia Chippindale, the owner, is as free spirited as her cafe and shop. She is usually available to talk to and is as interesting as the cafe and the gift shop across the street. I've included some pictures of the location.
When you get ready to pay for your meal, Cynthia has handmade envelopes, made from recycled magazine pages to put your money in and drop it in an old fashioned watering can. The place is eclectic with mismatched tables, chairs , china, glassware and flatware. The European copper espresso machine makes the best espresso this side of the Marais District in Paris, France.

"Potager's concept is: “ask for only as much as you can eat and pay what you feel it was worth” kind of strange. We admit, it probably is. But is it wrong? We don’t think so".
"We would like to bring people back to the way we should be eating — with joy and pleasure, experiencing wholesome food, fresh from a local farm. As much as possible, we get our products directly from nearby farms and ranches. We have known the pleasure of quietly watching the cattle at Burgundy Beef, contentedly grazing on honest Texas grasses. We marvel at the freshness of the eggs and taste of the free range chicken we get from Dominion Farms. Our outstandingly skilled and talented chefs have reverence for these products. Following Slow Food principles, they prepare a menu each day that reflects the ever-changing seasons".
"Food such as this should not be wasted. That is why we want you to only ask for as much as you know you can eat. For that reason, we can’t have set prices. This doesn’t mean you pay only as much as you want. Let’s face it – everyone would like a free meal. But we do ask that you pay what you honestly feel it was worth. Remember that we are not using bulk produced ingredients, like most restaurants use — we use Real Food, for which we have paid a fair price to our farmers and ranchers. By doing that, and encouraging you to do the same, we hope that more and more local farmers will find they can actually make a living by growing organic produce. And, by doing that, we will hope to be able to continue bringing food such as this to everyone. Like Dumbledore said – “There comes a time when we have to choose between doing what is right, and what is easy.”

In conclusion, I always end my recipes on the blog with Enjoy! Peace in the Kitchen. Today I simple end my story about the Potager Cafe in Arlington, Texas with......... PEACE!
Cynthia would wish you the same

An example of the menu!

Peace in the Kitchen!

This recipe was shared with us by Cynthia. Thank you Cynthia for bringing this incredible restaurant and concept to our area. And thanks for sharing this amazing recipe with me.

Stuffed Plums:

Cold fresh Plums, cut in half and pitted.

1/2 C Pecan Halves, processed into a Pecan Meal
1 C Cream Cheese, room temperature
1/2 C Blue Cheese, room temperature
A drizzle of Honey
Place in a Food Processor and processor into a spread.
Stuff the Plums.
Refrigerate and serve chilled.

Peace in the Kitchen!

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