Sunday, January 5, 2014

An interesting dinner tonight! Cauliflower cooked in a Pressure Cooker!

We went to our local amazing  Central Market Store today and Anne said the cauliflower was the biggest and best looking she had ever seen. As a child growing up on a Mennonite Farm in the middle of Kansas, her mother cooked all day long. From morning, (before all of the kids awoke) until evening, (when all of them were in bed),  she was in the kitchen.
She cooked a lot of things in a pressure cooker. Anne said that her memories of the pressure cooker was her mother asking her to keep an eye on it. On the other hand, my mother told us to get out of the kitchen incase the pressure cooker exploded.
Since childhood, I have had a fear of them. Anne cooks a lot using a pressure cooker.
Tonight we had an unusual meal. It was simply a giant head of cauliflower cooked in a pressure for just a couple of minutes and then we decided to top it with Ree Drummond's Christmas Queso. It was delicious. It was our version of Texas Cauliflower. I imagine the French would make a great white sauce for it. We have fond memories of our friend in the South of France cooking in a pressure cooker.
Artichokes are incredible in them.
That was our entire dinner and it was amazing!

The next time we make this, I'll take a few pictures and post them on the blog.

Peace in the Kitchen!

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