Sunday, November 11, 2012

There's A Mennonite in the Kitchen!

For those who know me , they know that my wife was raised on a Mennonite farm in Kansas. Her mother is an amazing cook, my wife Anne is an amazing cook and my sister's in law are amazing cooks. It's part of their heritage, I suppose.

If this blog wasn't titled There's a Hippy in the Kitchen we may have titled it .... There's a Mennonite in the Kitchen. However, cooking is a daily task for the Mennonites and not something to boast about, brag about or create a blog about, it's  simply a way of life. But all that aside, the recipes and food  they prepare is really good.

I mention this on my blog because many of my Best of the Best recipes have come from my wife's family and I will certainly give them credit.

There are many fragrances in the house today. We are both cooking. I have posted photographs of my creations today and I will post photographs of Anne's creations too.
She made a Warm Apple Pudding Cake that smells like Fall  and an Heirloom and Tomato/Ricotta Tart.

I have an extensive collection of cookbooks and recipe books and just when I think I have all that I need, I find another one.
I have purchased many books that once belonged to the Mennonite and Amish families in the Kansas community where Anne was raised. I'll have a section on the blog dedicated to those books, with recipes and photographs.
Until then .......

Peace in the Kitchen!

Various stages of the Heirloom Tomato / Ricotta Tart and the Apple Pudding Cake.

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