Sunday, November 4, 2012

Holiday Recipes

The Holidays are approaching quickly......

Cast Iron Skillet Cake:

1/4C butter
2 TBS Dutch Cocoa Powder
4 TBS milk
1/2 C chopped pecans
2 C powdered sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla

In a saucepan over medium, heat:
Bring butter,cocoa,milk to boil,
remove from heat & add powdered sugar, pecans & vanilla. Stir well
Pour evenly over warm cake.


1 C flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
1C sugar
dash of salt
1/4 C butter
1/4 C vegetable oil
2 TBS Dutch Cocoa Powder
1/2 C water
1/4 C buttermilk
1 egg, beaten
1/2 tsp vanilla

In a bowl:
whisk flour,baking soda,sugar and salt

In a 10" cast iron skillet:
bring butter,oil,cocoa & water to a boil
Remove from heat
Whisk in dry ingredients well
Mix in egg,buttermilk & vanilla

Bake  20 minutes at 350 degrees of until a toothpick in the center
comes out clean.

Ice the cake when it's warm!

Peace in the Kitchen!

Cornbread In A Skillet:
10" cast iron skillet
375 degree oven

2 TBS vegetable oil & 2 TBS butter
3 C ( Marie Callender's Cornbread Mix) or a mix of your choice. ( I know there are those who don't
believe in a prepared mix, but believe me this makes a great cornbread and easier than creating a batter from scratch)

1 1/2 C water
1 C creamed corn
1 sm. onion, chopped
2 C shredded cheddar cheese
3-4 jalapenos, seeded and minced. ( or 1 small can of chopped chile peppers)

Melt butter and oil in the skillet, in the pre heated oven.

In a bowl:
Mix  cornbread mix & water, blend well
Add corn, onion, cheese and jalapenos

Pour batter onto the heated skillet and bake for 45 minutes.

cut left over bread into cubes and bake  on a cookie sheet in a single layer at 400 degrees for 15
minutes to make croutons!

Peace in the Kitchen!

Here's another option:

Jalapeno Cranberry Skillet Cornbread:
It's basically the same preparation as the above recipe.
10" Cast Iron Skillet
375 degree oven

2 TBS Vegetable Oil and 2 TBS Butter
3 C Marie Callender's Cornbread Mix
1 1/2 C Water
3 Jalapeno's seeded and minced and combined with 2 TBS of Fresh Cilantro, chopped and placed in a Mortar and Pestle to create a paste.
1/2 C Dried Cranberries

Melt Butter and Oil in the skillet in the preheated oven.
In a bowl:
mix cornbread mix and water, blend well.
Fold in the Jalapeno/Cilantro Paste and Cranberries.

Pour the batter into the heated skillet and bake for 45 minutes.

Peace in the Kitchen!

Skillet Apple Pie Biscuits:
This is a recipe by Melissa's Southern Style Kitchen, a Blog that I follow.
Thank you Melissa, for sharing!

10" cast iron skillet
375 degree oven

8 frozen buttermilk biscuits, thawed
1- 21 oz. can of apple pie filling, cut the apples into smaller pieces.
1 stick of butter, melted and divided
1/2 C well packed dark brown sugar
1 TBS cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla
1 C chopped pecans ( this was not in the original recipe, I love to add Pecans when possible)

1/3 C powdered sugar
2 TBS heavy cream
Whisk together until well combined

Brush the skillet including, the sides with some of the
melted butter, ( remaining will be used later)

In a Bowl:
Whisk brown sugar and cinnamon
Dip each biscuit in remaining butter & sprinkle all sides with the sugar/cinnamon mixture.

Arrange in the skillet.
Add vanilla to Apple Pie filling & spread over the biscuits.
Pour remaining butter over apples.
Sprinkle with the last of the sugar/cinnamon mixture and top with pecans.

Bake 35 minutes until golden brown
Drizzle the glaze over the biscuits and serve!

Peace in the Kitchen!

Corn Pie:
This is one of my Best of the Best recipes!
There's a photo at the end of this post.

400 degree oven
9" pie pan
I make 2 at a time. I don't double the recipe. I measure
all of the ingredients and prepare them for each pie simultaneously.

1 1/4C of Ritz crackers, finely crushed
1/2C butter, melted
2TBS butter
1 1/4 C whole milk
2 C corn, fresh or frozen
1/2 tsp salt
2 TBS flour
1/2 tsp onion salt or onion powder
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
2 eggs, beaten
1 TBS fresh chopped Rosemary

Combine cracker crumbs and 1/2 C melted butter and mix well, reserve 1/2C
of this mixture for the topping and press the remaining into the pie pan.

In a saucepan:
combine 2TBS butter, 1C milk, corn and salt.
Bring to a boil, reduce heat to simmer and cook for 3 minutes.

In a small bowl:
Add flour and cayenne pepper to the remaining 1/4C milk and mix until smooth.
Slowly add the flour mixture to the corn mixture stirring constantly.
Cook 3 minutes until it thickens.
Cool slightly
Add onion salt and Rosemary
Slowly add eggs, stirring constantly
Pour into pie pan and sprinkle the top with remaining crumbs.

Bake for 30 minutes!

Cranberry Chess Pie:

375 degree oven

1- 9" rolled out basic pie crust.
1 1/3 C sugar
1/2 C melted butter
1/8 tsp salt
3 eggs
1/4 C flour
1/3 C buttermilk
1 tsp cider vinegar
2 tsp finely grated orange zest
2 C fresh or frozen cranberries, coarsely chopped

In a bowl:
Whisk together:
melted butter

Add eggs, one at a time beating until smooth.
Stir in flour and then buttermilk, vinegar and zest, mix well.
Add cranberries.
Pour into the shell and bake for 50-60 minutes!

Pumpkin Pie Cake:
This is one of my Best of the Best Recipes!

9x13 baking dish, greased with Pan Release, you can use shortening and flour too.

Hint: I use this Pan Release for all of my baking.

Mix equal parts ( any amount, based on how much you bake):
Vegetable oil
Vegetable shortening.
I mix it until well combine and store in the refrigerator in a jar. It keeps forever!

1 box yellow cake mix
8 TBS butter, room temperature
4 eggs
2- 26 0z. cans pumpkin
1- 50z. can evaporated milk
1/2 C brown sugar
1/2 C sugar

2TBS cinnamon
4 TBS chilled butter, cut into pieces
1/4 C sugar
1C chopped pecans

Measure 1C of the cake mix and set aside for the topping.
Place remaining cake mix, 8 TBS butter and 1 egg in a mixing bowl , mix on low speed
until evenly combines, about 1 minute
Using your fingers, press evenly over the bottom of the pan.

In the same mixing bowl ( no need to clean it)
Mix pumpkin,milk,1/2C brown sugar,1/2C sugar, 3 eggs and cinnamon, mix on low
about 30 seconds..... increase speed to medium and mix until it lightens in color and texture, 1-2 minutes more.
Pour filling over the crust, spread evenly.

Place remaining 1/4 C sugar , chilled butter and reserved cake mix in a clean bowl and work
with your fingers until crumbly.
Add pecans by hand and work the dough to incorporate the nuts.
Distribute evenly over the filling.
Bake 70 minutes until the middle no longer jiggles when the pan is shaken and the pecans begin
to brown.
Cool before cutting into squares.

I decided to bake the corn pie in a casserole instead of a pie pan. It's turned out well. It looks and smells amazing. I did this for Thanksgiving Dinner 2012!

Peace in the Kitchen!

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