Sunday, November 4, 2012

Terry's Original Sangria

I've only shared this original Sangria recipe with a few of my closest friends. It's definitely one of my favorites and a Best of the Best......
I was never pleased with any Sangria  I had purchased in a bottle or had been served in a restaurant, so I created my own.
I'm posting the pictures from one of my 3 books that I started in 1974 to show that I truly do create and re- create recipes.
I had to re write this recipe because it became difficult to read the original copy.

Terry's Original Sangria!

5 TBS sugar
2 Oranges( squeeze one, wedge one)
2 C Orange Juice
3 C Apple Juice
1 Bottle (4 liters or 13-1/2 C) Burgundy Wine
1/2 C Brandy
1/2 C Triple Sec
3 Cans = (4 1/2 C ) of Squirt (only Squirt)  (1-2 liter bottle if recipe is tripled)
Mix all of the ingredients well and serve over ice.
You can add fruit to the pitcher. I generally add lemon, lime and orange slices.

I generally triple it for a party!

1/2 the recipe for 1 pitcher.

Peace in the Kitchen!

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