Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cast Iron

I cook in Cast Iron often. I set up my fireplace in the winter so I can cook in it. Here are some photos of my collection of cast iron.
Some of the other photos include our Enameled Cast Iron Stove that we use as a kitchen island, a Model T wheel from my father in law that we use to hang cooking utensils for cooking outdoors ( I had a local Blacksmith make hooks to hang everything). Food seems to taste better when cooked in cast iron!
I never use soap on my cast iron. I clean it with Sea Salt and a bit of Vegetable Oil. Occasionally I place it back on the heat with water and boil it to loosen particles, and repeat the salt and oil process. All of my pieces are virtually non stick. I don't let anyone else clean them. I have been able to completely restore damages pieces too. I may have to sand some rust spots on vintage pieces and then re season them.

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