Monday, December 19, 2016

Tex - Mex Cheese Appetizer

Here's an interesting, easy, tasty cheese appetizer that's served on a Tortilla Chip.

Here's what you'll need:
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
1 - Glass 11"X 7" Baking Pan.

3 C Grated Sharp Cheddar Cheese, (divided in half)
1/2 C of your favorite Salsa.
3 Eggs, beaten
Tortilla Chips for serving.

In the Baking Pan:
1 1/2 C of Cheese, sprinkled evenly.

In a Bowl:
Mix well by hand.
Drizzle evenly over the Cheese.

Sprinkle remaining Cheese evenly over the Salsa Mix.

Bake 25 minutes.
Remove Pan to a Rack to Cool 10 minutes.
Cut into small appetizer sized squares.

Serve Tortilla Chips topped with a piece of the Cheese Appetizer.

Peace in the Kitchen!

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