Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Chocolate Silk Pie

It's my job as a Food Blogger to do all of the research and come up with what I consider The Best of the Best recipes to share.
We recently purchased a French Silk Pie for one of our Christmas Desserts.
It was delicious.
I wanted to reproduce that taste.
I researched many recipes and here's my final recipe.

If you've never tasted this Silky, melt in your mouth, Chocolate Pie, you're missing out on a delectable dessert.

This is just a recommended Baking Chocolate the I use.

Pie Crust to be Pre-Baked.

Here's what you'll need:
A Double Boiler.
This is the Double Boiler that I have.

A Pre-Baked Pie Crust:
If you don't make homemade Pie Crust you'll need to purchase a pre-baked crust.
My wife makes incredible pie crust so that's what I use.
Just make sure the crust is pre-baked for this non-baked pie.

The recipe calls for Superfine Sugar:
For 1 C of Superfine Sugar, Grind 1 C + 2 tsp of White Granulated Sugar in a Blender or
Food Processor for 30 seconds.
Also called castor sugar, this is simply sugar that has been ground into finer crystals than regular granulated. This makes for sugar that is lighter in weight and dissolves more quickly. It's often called for in recipes like meringue or angel food cake that are known for being light and airy.
8  oz. Semi Sweet Chocolate, chopped + additional for Garnish Shavings.
4 TBS Butter, cut into TBS sized pieces.
4 Large Eggs, separated.
1/4 C Superfine Sugar, divided.
1 1/4 C Heavy Cream, very cold.

In the Double Boiler on Medium Heat:
Stir with a Wooden Spoon just until melted and well combined.
Remove from Heat and set aside. (it will be returned to heat so add water if needed)
Beat the mixture by hand, with a Wooden Spoon until Creamy Smooth.

Return to Heat.
Egg Yolks, one at a time.
Beat well with a Wooden Spoon after each addition.
Transfer to a Large Mixing Bowl.

In another Mixing Bowl with a Hand Mixer:
Egg Whites
Beat until Soft Peaks.
2 TBS of Sugar.
Beat until Stiff Peaks to create a Meringue.

In another Mixing Bowl with a Hand Mixer.
Beat until Frothy.
2 TBS Sugar
Beat until Soft Peaks (reserve 1/2 C for Garnish, transfer to a small container, refrigerate covered with Plastic Wrap until ready to use)

In the Bowl of Chocolate with a Silicone Spatula:
Fold in until completely incorporated.
Whipped Cream
Fold in until completely incorporated.
Spoon evenly into the Pie Shell.

Refrigerate 1 Hour.

Remove and top it evenly with the reserved Whipped Cream.

Slice to serve.
Top each serving with Shaved Chocolate. (use a Potato Peeler to Shave some of the Reserved Chocolate.

Peace in the Kitchen!

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