Thursday, June 11, 2015

Terry's Original Instant Salsa Mix

Terry's Original Salsa Mix.

I've been testing a recipe for a mix that creates an instant Salsa. I have my Original Salsa recipe posted under,  (Salsa, Terry's Original Recipe.) That recipe makes a ton! Enough for a large crowd, a party, and enough to keep refrigerated for weeks.
This recipe, in contrast makes 1- 14.5 oz. can of Diced Tomatoes. It's for a small crowd, make the day of a party and refrigerate it for a few hours.
I consider this mix to be Medium Heat but you have to consider that I live in Texas and we love Spicy foods. If you're not used to the heat I would start with 1/4 C of Red Chile flakes instead of
1/2 C.

Terry's Original Instant Salsa Mix

Here's what you'll need for 1 recipe of Salsa:
1 -  14.5 oz. can of Diced Tomatoes
2 - TBS of the Mix.
I pour the tomatoes in a canning jar and use an immersion blender to process them. I leave a few chunks of tomato.

Mix the following ingredients in a Jar and store at room temperature.

Instant Salsa Mix:
3 TBS Dried Cilantro Flakes
2 TBS Minced Garlic Flakes (not powder)
1 TBS Dried Minced Onion (not powder)
1 TBS Dried Parsley (not powder)
1/2 C Red Chile Pepper Flakes
2 TBS Canning Salt (no other substitute, it has to be Canning Salt)
1 TBS Adobo Seasoning

We're in France for the summer and we just had Pizza at the house in Provence.
I brought some of this Salsa Mix and one of the family members sprinkled it on the
Pizza and it's really good. We all ended up doing that.
Just another way to enjoy it.
You can also mix some in a jar of Peach or Strawberry Preserves and serve over a
block of Cream Cheese or Warm Brie with crackers.

I increased the recipe to make a larger amount to share with friends.
This is the amount that I always have available.

3/4 C Dried Cilantro Flakes
1/2 C Minced Garlic Flakes, not powder.
1/4 C Dried Minced Onions, not powder.
2 C Red Chile Pepper Flakes
1/2 C Canning Salt, no other substitute can be used.
1/4 C Adobo Seasoning.

Mix and prepare the Salsa according to the recipe above.

Peace in the Kitchen!

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