Saturday, June 6, 2015

Christmas Candy?

I'm not sure this should be the correct name for this recipe but it was given to me by the mother of our best friend. It's their family recipe. We've known the family since the birth of their first child, who happens to be the one in this story that got married. You know, the kind of recipe that Grandma always made at Christmas time, the recipe that the kids identified with Christmas and Grandma? The kids all called it Christmas Candy.
We recently attended the wedding of our best friend's daughter. We all got together a week before the wedding and had a great time reminiscing about our family friendship. We all helped cook for all of the guests coming to the house the days preceding the wedding. The wedding was out of town, in another State than the one we all live in.
My wife made her famous Cinnamon Rolls that the kids remembered eating when they were little. We made Chocolate Chip Cookies, because everyone loves them and you can never have enough cookies when there's a crowd. Grandma also made sandwiches that the kids love. They're sliders made with Ham and Cheese on Hawaiian Rolls that are slathered with Cream Cheese, topped with a sauce and baked in a Jelly Roll Pan lined with foil. I have that recipe too and I may post it at a later date. They were also amazing.
And........ Grandma made her famous Christmas Candy even though the wedding was in May.
The kids requested this recipe. As I watched her make them, I was told the history of the recipe and that every Christmas she made them. This is the kind of recipe that I love to hear about, make and blog about.
After all of this, realize that I've written the recipe exactly as I was given it as she was making them.
It's one of those recipes that only a Grandmother can explain, after making them for over 30 years.

Christmas Candy

In a glass bowl that's safe in a microwave:

1 C of Sugar and 1 C of Karo Syrup. It doesn't matter if it's light or dark. She used light.
Mix this well and stir in 1 C of Creamy Peanut Butter. It could be chunky if you prefer.
Heat this mixture in the microwave.
Pour it over 6 C of Special K Cereal. No other cereal can be substituted.
Mix this well by hand. I use a Silicone Spatula.

Press it into a 1/4 Sheet Pan that's been lined with Foil.

Melt 1 package of Chocolate Chips along with 1 package of Butterscotch Chips.
Pour this over the top.
Smooth it with an offset spatula.

Allow it to cool completely.
Cut into bars to serve.

Peace in the Kitchen!

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