Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pull Apart Bundt Pizza with a Marinara Dipping Sauce

I love it when friends share their favorite recipes and I can post them on the Blog. I grew up in Michigan. If you follow my Blog, you know many of the details of my childhood. We lived on Briggs Street in Drayton Plains. Our neighborhood was full of kids. We all played together and went to school together. This recipe was shared with me by one of my childhood friends, Debby. She lived across the street from me.
I like this recipe and I look forward to making it. I've adapted it.

Pull Apart Bundt Pizza with a Marinara Dipping Sauce

Here's what you'll need:
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
1 - Bundt pan with a simple design, sprayed well with a vegetable cooking spray.

2 cans of Pizza Dough, cut into 1/2" slices and cut the slices into four pieces.
2 C shredded Mozzarella Cheese
1 C grated Parmesan Cheese
2 TBS dried Italian Seasoning
1/3 C Olive Oil
1 (6 oz.) package of Pepperoni. I use a vegetarian version. (roughly chopped)
A Jar of your favorite Marinara Sauce for Dipping.

Place all ingredients in a large mixing bowl.
Mix well with your hands to make sure everything is coated with Oil.
Spread evenly into the pan.
Bake for 35 minutes or until a knife in the center comes out clean. You may need to continue to bake it in 5 minute increments, testing with a knife after each time.

Invert onto a serving platter.
Serve hot .
Place a small bowl of Marinara Sauce in the center of the bread for dipping. You can also serve it in individual serving bowl.

Peace in the Kitchen!

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