Friday, March 29, 2013

Apricot Fried Pies

I have many Quilting Friends and we all love to cook and share recipes.
Two of my friends make Apricot Fried Pies.

Debbie shared this recipe for the Pastry Dough with my friend Carol who created the recipe for the Apricot filling, posted it on her Face Book page, and the recipe for Apricot Fried Pies was created.

I asked Carol if  she and Debbie would agree to have me post the recipe on my blog and everyone was in agreement that sharing recipes is what Quilter's do!

I did some research on Fried Pies and I was not surprised to discover that they are an American Classic Dessert believed to have been created in the 1800's.

Franklin Pierce, the 14th President of the United States, loved Fried Pies.
He ate New Hampshire Apple Fried Pies.

I have a recipe on the blog for "Escalloped" Apples that would be a perfect filling for Debbie's Fried Pie Pastry recipe.

On the blog, search the word Escalloped with an upper case E !

Thank you Debbie and Carol for allowing me to share this recipe:

Debbie and Carol's  Homemade Apricot Fried Pies:

Filling: ( shared by Carol)
1 C Water
1 C Dried Apricot halves
1/4 C Sugar
Simmer 1 C of Dried Apricot halves in 1 C Water until the Apricots are very soft.
Add a little more water if necessary.
They should break up a little when stirred with a spoon.
Add the Sugar and stir well
Cool completely in the refrigerator ( this step is important, you don't want to add a hot or warm filling to the dough)

Dough: ( shared by Debbie )
2 C Flour
4 TBS cold Butter, cut into pieces
4 TBS warm/hot Milk
2 Eggs, beaten
1/4 tsp salt
Use a Pastry Blender to cut the butter into the Flour.
Add Salt
Mix the Milk and Eggs
Add the mixture to the Flour and continue to mix well
Roll Golf Ball sized Balls on a floured surface and create a circle. ( I would have a tendency to cut the circles with a biscuit cutter, but I believe that creating them with your fingers will keep them Rustic as they were originally created)
Place a spoonful of Apricot in the center, fold the dough in half ,seal the edges well by pressing with your finger tips.

Fry the Pies in a Skillet of hot Vegetable Oil.
Turn once
Watch carefully, they brown quickly
Sprinkle with Sugar while they're still hot.

Peace in the Kitchen!

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