Sunday, January 10, 2016

Coffee: Cappuccino, Latte, Café au Lait and other Coffee Drinks

I love Coffee served in a variety of ways. Friends often ask the differences in all of the varieties. What's the difference between........ Cappuccino, Latte, Café au Lait?  and the list goes on an on!
We travel to France often and the French are a bit more specific in the type of coffee you drink and actually when you drink the different choices. I don't think Americans have as many guidelines as the French. I though it would be helpful and easier if I simply posted this picture that describes all of the different types of coffee drink options.

Espresso - 1 oz.
Espresso Doppio - 2 oz.
Ristretto - .75 oz.
Lungo - 3 oz.
Cafe Macchiato - Foamed Milk first and then Espresso.
Cafe Crema - Double Espresso with 1 oz. of Cream. Or, an old fashioned term for Espresso.
Cafe Noisette - Espresso with Hot Milk.
Cafe Cortado - Espresso with a small amount of Foamed Milk.
Cappuccino - Espresso with Steamed Milk and Foam.
Dry Cappuccino - Espresso with only Foam.
Cafe Americano - Espresso with Hot Water.
Cafe Con Hielo - Double Espresso in a Tall Glass filled with Ice.
Breve - Espresso with Half and Half.
Mocha Breve - Espresso, Chocolate and Half and Half.
Mocha - Espresso, Hot Milk and Cocoa Powder.
Cafe Affogatto - Espresso , Vanilla Ice Cream and Shaved Chocolate.
Viennois - Espresso, Hot Milk, Whipped Cream.
Con Panna - Espresso, Whipped Cream.
Flat White - Espresso with A Dollop of Steamed Milk.
Black Eye - Double Espresso with 4 oz. Brewed Coffee.
Cafe Latte - Espresso with Steamed Milk.
Cafe Au Lait - Strong Brewed Coffee and Steamed Milk.
Cafe Con Leche - Brewed Coffee with Scalded Milk.


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