Sunday, December 30, 2012

We've Come a Long Way!

I am constantly researching recipes.
I have a book of vintage recipes from Years of Olde!

Here's one of them, proving that we've come a long way!

Williamsburg, 1742

To Make Orange Pudding

Take the out-side Rind of three Sevil Oranges,boil them in several Waters till they are tender; then pound them in a Mortar with three quarters of a Pound of Sugar; then blanch and beat a half a Pound of Almonds very fine, with Rosewater to keep them from oiling; then beat sixteen Eggs, beat six Whites, and a pound of fresh Butter; beat all these together very well till 'tis light and hollow; then put it in a Dish , with a Sheet of Puff-paste at the Bottom, and bake it with Tarts; scrape Sugar on it, and serve it up hot.

All of the words that are in upper case were taken directly from the original recipe.

I doubt if I will ever attempt to make this...... or, maybe I will!

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