Saturday, April 23, 2016

Mixed Mushroom Bread Pudding

I love Bread Puddings, Sweet and Savory. I have several recipes on the Blog. Here's another favorite.
I have a Terra Cotta Bram that I make them in. I like the Rustic look of the Pudding in a Bram.

Mixed Mushroom Bread Pudding

Here's what you'll need:
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
1 - 2 1/2 Quart Casserole Dish, sprayed well with a Vegetable Cooking Spray or well Buttered.

2 TBS Olive Oil
3 C of Assorted sliced Fresh Wild Mushrooms. (Cremini, Portobello, Chanterelle, Shiitake, Oyster)
Make sure it's a variety.
2 Large Shallots, Diced.
3 Garlic Cloves, minced
1/4 C Dry Sherry
6 C of Day Old Rosemary Bread, cubed.
4 Eggs, beaten
2 C Half and Half
2 C Grated Gruyere Cheese
1 TBS Fresh Chopped Thyme
1 TBS Fresh Chopped Rosemary
1/2 tsp Pepper

In a Skillet on Medium Heat:
Oil, until Hot.
Sauté for 5 minutes.

Slowly Add:
Reduce heat to a Simmer and cook until Liquid is reduced.
Transfer to a Large Mixing Bowl. (Large enough to hold all of the Bread Cubes)

Toss well by hand to coat everything.

In a Medium Mixing Bowl:
Half and Half
Whisk or Stir well.

Pour over the Bread Mixture.
Press Gently with your hands to cover all of the Bread.

Spoon into the Casserole Dish.
Cover with Plastic Wrap and refrigerate for at least 2 hours or overnight. (I like to prepare it the night before I'm planning on serving it)

Bake for 45 - 50 minutes.
Serve Hot.

Peace in the Kitchen!

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