Sunday, July 2, 2017

Keep Guacamole Green

Keep Guacamole from turning Brown.

There are so many recommendations for how to keep prepared Guacamole from turning Brown after it's prepared.
Some of the ways, leave the Pit in the middle of the mixture, add extra Lime Juice, cover with Plastic wrap directly onto the mix to create a seal. Today's Plastic Wrap is more porous than it used to be.
Those are all well and good, but none of them are fool proof.
The only way to prevent browning and keep refrigerated for up to 3 day:

After preparing it, transfer it to a small glass container that has a lid, smooth the top and drizzle about 1/2" of Lukewarm Water to cover it.
Place the Lid on it and refrigerate it for up to 3 days.
When ready to serve, Drain the water off and stir to combine well.

Peace in the Kitchen!


  1. I cover with thin coat of mayo and just stir in when I use it Seems to work for me

    1. great tip, same concept as the water, but I don't put mayonnaise in my Guacamole. For those that have never heard of this, it simply keeps the air off the Guacamole, which is what causes it to turn brown.