Saturday, November 19, 2016

Blogging during the Holidays!

The Holidays are a busy time for any Food Blogger. I try to keep up but, like everyone else, there are so many other things that occupy my time during this busy Season.
I know that many of my followers are checking the Blog daily. I have the ability to track the information. I am in awe of how many followers I have and how many Countries around the World are viewing. I can see how many have viewed the Blog, how many times each recipe is viewed and I can even track the Countries that are viewing it.
I hope that all of you have an incredible Holiday Season around the World.
I embrace the diversity of all people and their beliefs. It's a very special time of year as we head into our Holiday Season here in America.

I wish you all Peace, Love, Happiness and Health as we approach a New Year!

Peace in the Kitchen!
From The Hippy in the Kitchen!

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