Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Taste of Sicily from The Cowgirl Chef

I've known Ellise for a few years. I've taken Cooking Classes from her, that's how we met. I must say that we hit it off instantly. There's just something about her that I immediately connected with. We share many of the same passions in life.
She recently visited the Island of Sicily in the Mediterranean.
I spent time there in the early 70's with two friends from Germany. I fell in love with it. Taormina was my favorite village.
I was a carefree backpacking student and we ended up hanging out on the small Islands north of Sicily. It was a time when Hippies were discovering those Islands. We loved them too.
Granita was quite well known then as it is today. I love this recipe that Ellise brought back with her from her visit. I look forward to enjoying it.

Here's a link to her story and recipe from her recent visit to Sicily.

If you want to get to know Ellise, get a copy of her Cookbook!

Peace in the Kitchen!

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