Sunday, March 30, 2014

Drumstick Layered Dessert from Melissa's Southern Style Kitchen

I received this recipe today from one of my favorite Blogs. This is brilliant! When I read the story about the Iconic American Drumstick Ice Cream Cone, I had to share this. As a child, it was my favorite Ice Cream Cone. The Ice Cream Truck would come down the street in the heat of the Summer playing that familiar song and we all grabbed our dimes and ran out to the street and waited anxiously to buy our treats. Mine was always the Drumstick coated in Chocolate and Crushed Peanuts.
Melissa has recreated a childhood memory for me!
I simply reposted the link to the recipe where you can see the picture too.
Thank you again Melissa for another amazing recipe. I will definitely make this for our Backyard Summer Picnics in the heat of the Texas sun!

**New Today** Everything you love about Drumstick ice cream cones in a decadent dessert: *Drumstick Layered Dessert*

Peace in the Kitchen!

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